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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Available in Spanish, German, and Italian our 2021 IoT Catalogue has the latest in sensing and connectivity technologies for
Real-Time Continuous Monitoring of: Natural, Built & Agricultural Environments.

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View IoT Catalogue 2021 – ENG

Soil Monitoring (A):

Or Download (3MB)

Plant Monitoring (B):

Or Download (4MB)

Meteo & Hydrological Monitoring (C):

Or Download (3MB)

Urban & Industrial Monitoring (D):

Or Download (3MB)

Full Catalogue of IoT:

Or Download (7MB)


Vista IoT Catálogo 2021 (Internet de las cosas) 2021 – ESP

Monitoreo del Suelo (A):

Descargar (3MB)

Monitoreo de la Planta (B):

Descargar (4MB)

Monitoreo Meteorológico e Hidrológico (C):

Descargar (3MB)

Monitoreo Urbano e Industrial (D):

Descargar (3MB)

Catálogo IoT (Internet de las cosas) 2021 Completo:

Descargar (8MB)


Sehe IoT-Katalog (Internet of Things; dt. Internet der Dinge) 2021 – DEU

Boden-überwachung (A):

Download-Datei (3MB)

Pflanzen-überwachung (B):

Download-Datei (4MB)

Meteorologische Überwachung und Hydrologische Überwachung (C):

Download-Datei (3MB)

Städtische und industrielle Überwachung (D):

Download-Datei (3MB)

Vollständiger IoT-Katalog (Internet der Dinge) 2021:

Download-Datei (8MB)


Vedi Catalogo IoT / Idc (Internet delle cose) 2021 – ITA

Monitoraggio del Suolo (A):

O Scarica Qui (3MB)

Monitoraggio delle Piante (B):

O Scarica Qui (4MB)

Monitoraggio Metereologico & Idrologico (C):

O Scarica Qui (3MB)

Monitoraggio Urbano ed Industriale (D):

O Scarica Qui (3MB)

Catalogo IoT / Idc (Internet delle cose) 2021 Completo:

O Scarica Qui (8MB)


Voir le catalogue IdO (Internet des objets) 2021 – FRE

Surveillance des sols (A):

Ou téléchargez ici (4 Mo)

Surveillance des végétaux (B):

Ou téléchargez ici (4 Mo)

Surveillance météorologique et hydrologique (C):

Ou téléchargez ici (3 Mo)

Surveillance en milieu urbain et industriel (D):

Ou téléchargez ici (3 Mo)

Catalogue complet de l’IdO 2021:

Ou téléchargez ici (8 Mo)


Download IoT Catalogue PDFs:


Download IoT Case Study PDFs:



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