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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

ICT International’s unique family of digital sensors, IoT nodes and dataloggers have been designed to measure key plant and environmental parameters for a range of applications, including advancement of plant and soils research, studies of water availability, climate change, evaluation of plant genetics, breeding programs and transpiration measurement; as well as a variety of environmental measurement. They have been installed to measure water level, water quality, ambient and microclimate conditions (weather stations), plant water use (sap flow), plant water potential (psychrometer), soil moisture and soil water potential in a range of locations across the world including; the Brazilian rainforests, the world’s tallest trees in California, mine site rehabilitation in Australia and Peru, greenhouse tomato production in Australia, subarctic permafrosts in Alaska, and equatorial rainforests.

ICT International has developed a range of LoRaWAN Nodes for a variety of environmental monitoring applications. For data critical applications, our MultiFunction node features onboard logging and CAT-M1 – so there’s no need to worry about lost packets.

Both our S-Node and MF/MFR-Node are compatible with high-power-draw and continuously powered sensors such as the METER Group ATMOS 41 and the MetOne AIO2.

For more information on the range of compatible sensors and node options, contact ICT International – sales@ictinternational.com.au



MFR-Node SDI-12, 2x digital inputs, optional analogue inputs.
Optional onboard MicroSD card storage and CAT-M1 backhaul.
Solar powered or external 12V system.
S-Node SDI-12, 2x digital inputs.
Solar powered or external 12V system.
V-Node Analogue Node: 2x differential or 4x single-ended inputs.
24-bit ADC with stable 3V or 10V excitation.
Optional digital inputs.
Solar powered, external 12V or single use LiSOCl2 power system.
LVL-Node Water level monitoring – Up to 10m range with ±1cm precision, 5m with ±1mm precision.
P-Node Digital Pulse Counter – 4x 32-bit dry contact counting digital inputs.
Up to 1 kHz simultaneous counting (4 kHz total).
Up to 10 year battery life.

Sensors compatible with LoRaWAN Nodes.